The Battle is Raging

Dear Friends,

 It is so disheartening to see how the sanctity of life is being attacked ever more violently by those who are out to rob precious children of their right to be born – and even to live after they are born! The recent legislation in New York and Virginia is outrageous, but we mustn’t give up.  It doesn’t matter what the laws say is “okay” about murdering babies, we know that God says it’s NOT okay, and never will be.  And He is the one in charge.  We must continue to fight for what is right, because those who are those fighting – and sadly winning right now in some states – to make it “okay” to murder at such late stages, including AT BIRTH – will never give up. They are strong and they are numerous and they are vocal, but God is stronger, and He has given us each certain gifts that we need to use for His purposes.

Please continue to pray for the women who are being told it is okay to end the lives of their babies.  Because no matter what any laws say, it comes down to the women making the individual decisions about the lives they are carrying.  That is why the work Heartbeat is doing (and other organizations like it) is so important.  We need to continue to reach these women, educate them, and provide the resources that will make it easier for them to choose LIFE!