Our Mission

Heartbeat affirms the God-given value of life. We exist to encourage and empower pregnant women to choose life by providing education, medical care, peer counseling and material resources in a loving and professional environment. In the midst of caring, we share the hope that only Jesus can give.

Our Vision

Sharing the hope and love of Christ so effectively that every woman is empowered to choose life.

Our Board of Directors

Linda Dankert
Executive Director

Artie Cline

Kay Cilone.jpg

Kay Cilone
Prayer Chair

Sue Giambroni.jpg

Sue Giambroni

Cindy Russo

Devin Giambroni


Additional Board Members not pictured:

Harold Sproul

Vicki Kerr

Pastor Jason Cole

Pastor Christopher Wade

Our Core Values


Lavish love

We believe that God’s generous and gracious love, lived out through us, is powerful and life-changing. It’s what draws people out of despair and into hope. It enables people to choose life.


In a life turned upside-down by an unexpected pregnancy, we believe Heartbeat is a place of refuge where a woman can find truth and clarity to make choices she can live with.


Good Stewardship

Our God provides. Every blessing He pours out on Heartbeat is received and shared with great care. We believe that we are accountable to our God and our supporters to be diligent, generous and prayerful with all we’re given.


The world has changed much since Heartbeat opened in 1986. We believe it’s imperative that we continue to adapt to the changing needs of the culture while standing firmly on the unchanging truth of the Bible.