I’m Going to Miss Chunky Monkey

Under the guise of standing up for “reproductive healthcare,” and demanding “equality in the workplace,” the head officers of more than 300 companies came out with an ad in The New York Times recently claiming that restricting access to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion, is actually putting the economy at risk.  The whole economy!

 “How?” you ask, incredulously. 

Why, don’t you know that preventing women from aborting their unborn babies threatens these companies’ very ability to do business?  You see, it prevents them from being able to hire “top talent” and to diversify their workforce.  And heaven knows, if they can’t recruit people who want to kill babies to work there, the companies will fold, and the economy will no doubt collapse without them.  You can read more about their claims and the entire list of signers at www.dontbanequality.com.  The list of companies that signed this ad is long and diverse, and many of them obscure, but there are a few recognizable names, including Ben & Jerry’s. 

Ben & Jerry’s has always been known for its liberal views, but this in-your-face stand for abortion has this blog writer unable to stomach the thought of stomaching any more of its frozen concoctions.  Presumably, these companies came out with this ad to win over people who stand for abortion to their ranks.  Let’s hope it conversely loses them all the business of those who stand for life.  Please take a look at the list and make an effort to withhold your consumer dollars that you might have spent with these companies, and spend them with companies that support your pro-life ideals, like Hobby Lobby, My Pillow and Gold’s Gym, to name a few.  They are out there, we promise, they’re just not as vocal as the abortion-supporting organizations.

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It was a Beautiful Celebration of Life

The Heights UB Church welcomed Heartbeat once again for the 2019 Vision Banquet on April 4.  God blessed us with a record number of people attending this year, and we were so happy to have them all with us as we celebrated life and the wonderful works that God is doing through Heartbeat to make more families complete.

The evening’s masters of ceremony, Rachel Baker and Pastor Christopher Wade, opened the evening, and after an invocation and blessing from Pastor Mark Blakeley, guests enjoyed a delicious meal from L&B Catering and fellowship with their table-mates. 


After dinner, Brennen Kelly played a worship song before Dr. Kevin Dumpe took the stage.  Dr. Dumpe, a board-certified OB/GYN practicing in Beaver Falls, shared with the audience the biblical foundation for his pro-life posture.  He also shared a moving story about a patient (with her permission) facing a difficult situation in her life and how it presented him with an opportunity to share the gospel with her.   

Linda Dankert, executive director of Heartbeat of Columbiana County, presented the state of the ministry and shared a touching video that explained just how the staff of Heartbeat ministers to young women and families in need.  It included testimonials from actual pregnancy center and parenting center clients, giving the guests a feel for just how valuable the services Heartbeat provides actually are.  How wonderful that God puts people where He needs them to be!  

When given the opportunity to make a financial contribution to support Heartbeat, our faithful guests responded to the call with overwhelming generosity as they pledged in excess of $60,000. Since the ministry receives no government funding, these gifts will provide a significant portion of Heartbeat's annual operating budget. 

At the conclusion of the evening, Brennen Kelly again took the state to play the Doxology, and Pastor Jason Cole lead the closing prayer, giving God the glory for His goodness.

Heartbeat would like to extend special appreciation to:

  • The Vision Hosts who warmly welcomed our guests

  • Our Underwriters (Calcutta Health Care Center, Dennis & Sue Giambroni, Horst Sub & Deli, L&B Catering, T&M Rentals, Campbell’s Signs, Keystone Printing, P. Michael Moore, DDS and Rogers Community Auction, Inc.)

  • The Many Gracious Volunteers who gave of their time and talents

  • The Heights UB Church for their hospitality

  • The Generous Donors

  • The many prayerful supporters of Heartbeat

Dr. Kevin Dumpe to Speak at 2019 Vision Banquet

Heartbeat is pleased to announce that Kevin Dumpe, MD, will be its keynote speaker at the upcoming Vision Banquet on April 4.

Dr. Dumpe is an esteemed and board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist at Primary Health Network in Beaver Falls.  A graduate of Hahnemann Medical College, Dr. Dumpe completed both his internship and residency in obstetrics and gynecology at The Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh.  He completed the Combat Casualty Care Course at Camp Bullis in San Antonio, and holds Flight Surgeon certification from the School of Aerospace Medicine at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio.  Dr. Dumpe has been in practice for over 30 years. 

Dr. Dumpe is proud to be a member of The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, an alternate association to the familiar American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which is decidedly pro-abortion in its stance. He is also a member of the Christian Medical and Dental Association and serves as a resource for the medical abortion reversal network.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Dr. Dumpe has taught adult bible studies for 35 years.

The address Dr. Dumpe has prepared for the Heartbeat Vision Banquet is titled, "I'm Pro-Life - Just Don't Ask Me Why!”  He will be speaking about the biblical basis for being pro-life and sharing a story to illustrate it.

Dr. Dumpe has been married to his wife, Pam (a doctor of internal medicine), for 39 years.  The couple has four children and two grandchildren.

To join us for the evening and hear Dr. Dumpe’s talk, please RSVP to (330) 386-3999, or complete the RSVP form on our home page. Seating is limited.

Kevin Dumpe, MD

Kevin Dumpe, MD

Are you ready to CELEBRATE LIFE?

Dear Friends,

 Our Vision Banquet is right around the corner, and we are in need of people who share our enthusiasm for the work of Heartbeat to serve as Vision Hosts to guests at our banquet.  The responsibilities of a Vision Host are simple, but critical.  Each Vision Host invites at least 6 other guests to the banquet and turns in their RSVPs to the event coordinator.  The evening of the banquet, the host welcomes his/her guests to the banquet and is there to answer questions about Heartbeat and the pregnancy center during the course of the evening.  The hosts also hand out donation forms to the guests at the appropriate time in the program, as directed by Linda in her presentation.  After guests have had a chance to complete their pledge forms, the Vision Hosts assemble the forms in an envelope and turn them into the volunteers collecting them from the tables.  That’s it — easy, but important!  If you have a passion for Heartbeat and its success, then you would make a great Vision Host! Please contact the banquet coordinator, Lisa DeNiro, at lisad@heartbeatcc.com to volunteer. 

 If hosting a table isn’t where you feel led to serve, we need volunteers in other areas as well, such as setting up and decorating, cleaning up after the banquet, directing cars, and manning certain stations during the banquet.  Please contact Lisa to let her know if you’re interested in helping in one of these ways. 

 Thank you for your commitment and assistance!

 God Bless!

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The Battle is Raging

Dear Friends,

 It is so disheartening to see how the sanctity of life is being attacked ever more violently by those who are out to rob precious children of their right to be born – and even to live after they are born! The recent legislation in New York and Virginia is outrageous, but we mustn’t give up.  It doesn’t matter what the laws say is “okay” about murdering babies, we know that God says it’s NOT okay, and never will be.  And He is the one in charge.  We must continue to fight for what is right, because those who are those fighting – and sadly winning right now in some states – to make it “okay” to murder at such late stages, including AT BIRTH – will never give up. They are strong and they are numerous and they are vocal, but God is stronger, and He has given us each certain gifts that we need to use for His purposes.

Please continue to pray for the women who are being told it is okay to end the lives of their babies.  Because no matter what any laws say, it comes down to the women making the individual decisions about the lives they are carrying.  That is why the work Heartbeat is doing (and other organizations like it) is so important.  We need to continue to reach these women, educate them, and provide the resources that will make it easier for them to choose LIFE!


Happy Holidays from Heartbeat!

Can you believe 2018 is drawing to a close?  

Thank you to all who have been faithful supporters of Heartbeat this year.  We would not be able to positively impact the families we do without the generous gifts of finances, time, and prayers for our organization.  

If anyone is looking for a place to make some end-of-year contributions for tax purposes, they can do so right here on our website by clicking the “Donate” button on the home page. To find other ways to donate, please click on the “Give” tab. 

We hope that you all enjoy a warm Christmas season with your loved ones, and we look forward to the great things God has in store for Heartbeat in 2019!


2018 Walk For Life - What a great day!

A huge thank you to all those who participated in the 2018 Walk for Life, whether by walking and raising funds, pledging money, donating your time/talents/resources, or coming out to cheer us on. A crowd of more than 200 people — including 170 walkers — came out to celebrate Life Worth Defending on Saturday, Oct. 13. The weather may have been cool, but the hearts were warm of the people that raised more than $25,800 for Heartbeat. It is wonderful to see what God is doing through everyone involved.

It was a great time for catching up with old friends and making new ones. In addition to the walk and time of fellowship, walkers were treated to a continental breakfast and a delicious hot barbecue lunch. The kids enjoyed crafts and a coloring contest.

A few special acknowledgements….


We’d like to thank these donors who contributed to the event, for breakfast, lunch, or prizes:

  • Adrian’s

  • B&S Carryout

  • Beresford’s Meats

  • Brickers

  • Cheney’s

  • Clearly the Best

  • Frank’s Pastry

  • Giant Eagle - Calcutta

  • Giant Eagle - East Liverpool

  • Hoge’s

  • L&B Donuts

  • McDonald’s


  • Peace Valley Orchards

  • Pizza Hut

  • Rayl’s Market

  • Sheetz

  • Sweet Deli

  • Tim Horton’s

  • WalMart


Thank you to Billy Collins and Sheryl Garner for sharing their musical talents.

Special Walker Awards

  • Walker with the Most Pledges - Marsha Von Ludmann ($1,540)

  • Youth Walker with the Most Pledges at the walk - Lauren Bezdek ($340)

    • The Chris DeLauder memorial fund also raised $2,193

  • Oldest Walker - Phyllis Conley

  • Group with the Most Walkers - House of Prayer (31 walkers!)

The top 10 Churches in pledges raised:

  • Heights UBC - $3,881

  • First Christian, Chester - $2,602

  • Northside - $2,542

  • House of Prayer - $1,744

  • Lake Mount - $1,723

  • Faith Community Church - $1,290

  • First Free Methodist - $987

  • First Church of Christ - $840

  • Hope Christian - $785

  • Boyce United - $763

Thank you again to all who played a part in this event. Heartbeat would not be able to touch the lives it does in the community without you! Watch this space for information on our upcoming events, including the Vision Banquet, scheduled for April 4, 2019, and the 2019 Walk for Life! God bless!

2018 Walk for Life

Bring the family, and please join us on Saturday, October 13th at Thompson Park in East Liverpool for the 2018 Walk for Life! There will be prizes, awards, food, lots of fun, and a celebration of life worth defending! Earn a special gift based on the pledges you receive. The funds you raise go directly to support pre-born babies and their moms.

Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. and all the forms you need are available on our Events page, or by clicking here. We look forward to seeing you there!