I’m Going to Miss Chunky Monkey

Under the guise of standing up for “reproductive healthcare,” and demanding “equality in the workplace,” the head officers of more than 300 companies came out with an ad in The New York Times recently claiming that restricting access to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion, is actually putting the economy at risk.  The whole economy!

 “How?” you ask, incredulously. 

Why, don’t you know that preventing women from aborting their unborn babies threatens these companies’ very ability to do business?  You see, it prevents them from being able to hire “top talent” and to diversify their workforce.  And heaven knows, if they can’t recruit people who want to kill babies to work there, the companies will fold, and the economy will no doubt collapse without them.  You can read more about their claims and the entire list of signers at www.dontbanequality.com.  The list of companies that signed this ad is long and diverse, and many of them obscure, but there are a few recognizable names, including Ben & Jerry’s. 

Ben & Jerry’s has always been known for its liberal views, but this in-your-face stand for abortion has this blog writer unable to stomach the thought of stomaching any more of its frozen concoctions.  Presumably, these companies came out with this ad to win over people who stand for abortion to their ranks.  Let’s hope it conversely loses them all the business of those who stand for life.  Please take a look at the list and make an effort to withhold your consumer dollars that you might have spent with these companies, and spend them with companies that support your pro-life ideals, like Hobby Lobby, My Pillow and Gold’s Gym, to name a few.  They are out there, we promise, they’re just not as vocal as the abortion-supporting organizations.

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